Bizon applauds transportation grant for Albion

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. John Bizon, M.D. announced on Tuesday that the city of Albion has been awarded a $250,000 road funding grant through the state’s Community Service Infrastructure Fund program.

“This money will enable Albion to start on some critical road projects right away,” said Bizon, R-Battle Creek. “Fixing these roads will benefit everyone in the community.”

The grant will go toward a $778,000 project to repair First Street, Second Street, Third Street, Hartwell Street and Wild Street. The city will provide the rest of the funding.

The Michigan Department of Transportation administers the Community Service Infrastructure Fund (CSIF), established by the state Legislature in 2018, as a stop-gap program to help fund road projects in small communities. CSIF will award grants to 23 villages and cities across the state this fiscal year.

Successful projects were selected, in part, because they are paired with planned infrastructure work, coordinated with other road agencies, focused on extending the useful life of the road, and lacked other funding sources

Enacted in 1987 and reauthorized in 1993, the Transportation Economic Development Fund (TEDF) helps finance highway, road and street projects that are critical to the movement of people and products, and for getting workers to their jobs, materials to growers and manufacturers, and finished goods to consumers.

TEDF Community Service Infrastructure Fund grants provide $3 million per year through fiscal year 2023 to be allocated for road improvements in cities and villages with a population of 10,000 or fewer.

More details about the individual grants and information about the program are available online at